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3 Ways to Promote Mobile Ordering For Your Shop

Consumers are falling in love with mobile ordering. While Starbucks is leading the charge and now enjoys over 30% of all transactions coming by way of a mobile device, independent coffee shops are catching up with help from Joe.


After our launch in November of 2017, we’ve had some time to take notes on how our most successful partners are using and promoting the app. Here are three best practices every shop in the Joe Partner Network should consider.

Announce on Facebook & Instagram

Your first step is letting customers know they have a new and convenient way to order & pay.  Think of joe as a free tool that you can maximize your returns with. The chances are that your customers are aware of, and may already be using Starbucks order ahead feature. Letting them know you offer the same capability will be music to the ears of your most loyal customers.


A good post has a few important elements: a visually appealing image, a clear headline (e.g. You can now order & pay ahead from your smartphone at [name of shop]!”, and a CTA (download the app at JoeCoffeeApp.com).


Not sure what image to use with your post? Don’t worry, you can keep it simple. In fact, we recommend making your product the hero. Share a photo of an order ready for pick up (like the image above), or announce an exclusive offer as we discuss below. If you’re really struggling, don’t worry – we can send you graphic to share as well.


Offer Exclusive Deals

Offering limited time deals exclusively through mobile ordering can be a powerful tactic for your business when used strategically. It can be used to encourage up sells, increase average ticket sizes, and increase efficiency the morning rush.


One of our partners offered just $1 off their popular breakfast sandwiches for a limited time, available exclusively through joe. The goal was to help cut down the 20 minute plus waits that were occurring due to their overwhelming popularity. Ordering ahead let the set an expectation about wait times, and let their customers enjoy their sandwiches without the long wait. After the promotion ended, many of the customers that ordered through mobile liked it enough to order ahead every day and increased order sizes knowing they wouldn’t have to wait. As time went on, it became a regular occurrence to receive orders between $30-$50 as our partner became to most convenient option for busy families on the move.


Here are a few more opportunities for exclusive deals:


  • Seasonal drinks
  • Holidays
  • “Happy Hour” specials
  • New food items
  • Food & drink combo discount


Advertise in-Store

Odds are, many of your regular customers would be interested in ordering ahead and earning rewards, but they’ll never learn about it unless something catches their eye.


Our partners that are most successful using Joe, aren’t afraid to make it a prominent part of their service. Amore Coffee in Bellevue actually has a dedicated parking space specifically for mobile orders. Baristas happily run drinks out when customers that ordered ahead arrive – a great way to market to the other 5+ cars waiting in line.


Here are a few other unique ways our partners make joe visible to customers:


  • Include joe on menu
  • Drip coffee bar powered exclusively through Joe orders
  • A-boards include call-to-action to download and use the app
  • Dedicated parking spot
  • Separate drive thru window for mobile orders only
  • Offer a “Joe Exclusive Deal” and advertise it at POS like you would a monthly special


Remember, Joe provides free in-store marketing materials including table tents, signage for where to pick up a drink and cards you can hand out to get the word out. Pair those items with your own creative spin to make your program unique to your shop!

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