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Our Mission:

Empower neighborhood coffee to compete on convenience with corporate chains. 

Our Story

When Joe was founded in Seattle in 2016, it was based on three core beliefs.


First, we felt that the soul of specialty coffee belonged to the independent coffee pros that relentlessly honed their craft every day and with every pour.


Second, we believed that the diversity in philosophy, approaches and influences of  every shop was what made specialty coffee unique.


Third, we believed technology could be used to reinvest in the communities and small business owners that make a neighborhood unique.


With five years combined experience as baristas, we believe that the paradigm of great coffee should summon images of local and independent coffee shops, baristas that pour their heart into every cup, and a diversity of roasts and philosophies that can keep even the most dedicated connoisseur learning for a lifetime. Not corporate slogans and seasonal marketing campaigns.


We realized that the biggest threat to true coffee culture was what we call corporate convenience. Starbucks has over 12,000 shops in the U.S. alone – mobile order & payment works for them because there is a shop on every corner. Now chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonalds are rolling out order ahead solutions that are creating a new set of expectations for the food & coffee category.


By bringing even a portion of the 55,000 independent coffee establishments under one app,  consumers that prefer to support neighborhood businesses over corporate chains won’t have to sacrifice convenience.


 We hope that you will join us on our journey to empowering neighborhood business and making it convenient to reinvest in your community.

Our Team 

Meet the Joe’s behind Joe!

Co-Founder | CEO
Nick Martin

Favorite Drink: 16oz iced Americano with splash of cream

Co-Founder | Product
Brenden Martin

Favorite Drink: 16oz hot caramel latte

Lenny Urbanowski

Favorite Drink: 16oz Americano with cream

Lead Developer
Jamie Gross

Favorite Drink: 12oz drip coffee

Software Engineer
Adam Wester

Favorite Drink: Extra Vanilla Frappe

Director of Customer Relations
Vanesa Alvarez

Favorite Drink: 12oz Vanilla Steamer

UX Designer
Dominic Hampton

Favorite Drink: Whatever Brenden gets

Alex Mac

Favorite Drink: 20oz Pumpkin spice latte

Derek Nuzum

Favorite Drink: 16oz iced mocha

Serious about joining Joe?

Send your resume to [email protected]