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How Rewards Work For Joe Coffee App

We give you more

Do you get tired of juggling a half-dozen punch cards at all the coffee shops you go to only to find out you hardly ever actually get a free drink? As independent coffee-lovers, that was our experience and we kept that in mind when designing the joe rewards program.

Once you reach 100%, you receive $5 off your next order automatically.

That’s just the beginning.

Every dollar you spend gets you 1.5% points. Reach 100% and receive $5 off your next order.
That’s the beauty of the joe network. You can redeem your reward anywhere in the network, even if you’ve never been there before. We know you visit multiple shops. So we’re giving you a rewards program that makes sense for your lifestyle.
Because we aren’t beholden to a “punch card system” you have more control over how fast you are rewarded! The more more you spend per order, the quicker you earn points and redeem rewards!

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